Warm Fellowship Throughout the Winter

On Wednesday evenings at Grace we gather for Grace4all. The exciting evening of events starts at 6:00 p.m., when we enjoy a short, approximately half hour worship service together as a church family. Children and the junior high youth will head off from the service at 6:15 for their regular programs, while adults will have a selection of studies and activities that begin after the message at 6:15 p.m. Our worship service this fall will feature a series of messages on the Fruit of the Spirit; whether you memorized the fruit as a child or have never heard of them before, this series will help us better understand what the Holy Spirit brings about in our lives.

Selections for the adults include an exploration of the Letter to the Romans, Thin Within, a prayer group and a knitting group. Please join us this coming Wednesday at 6:00 for Grace4all: Faith, Family, Fellowship and Fun.

The People of God: A Study of Romans 10-16 — Pastor Tim Butler

Who are the people of God? How does our story fit within that which we find in the Old Testament? We will be digging deeply into the final chapters of Paul’s Letter to the Romans to find out.

Thin Within — Stacy Cole

Much of society has an addiction with food or something food related, e.g. diet, exercise, etc. It occupies much of our thinking, day in and day out. It can become controlling and burdensome. If you or someone you know needs to join this journey of freedom from the power of what culture says about food and body, please just come - that is the first step. Wednesday nights at 6:30pm in the Choir Room. Books will be available for purchase for $10 each. All are welcome!

Prayer4all and Knit Wits

We also have an all new prayer group, Prayer4all, committed to praying for the needs of our community and the world and the Knit Wits returns for another season of knitting and fellowship.

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