Fall Sunday School Classes

Digging Deep into God's Word

As we kick off the new ministry year this Sunday, we can begin the day with two brand new Sunday school classes. In one, we will learn more about how God works in the messy history of Israel; in the other, we will explore how God works in the messy, everyday routine of work life. Please join us for one of these classes starting Sunday, September 13 at 9:00 a.m.!

A Journey Towards a Promise: the Life of Abraham — Elder Rob French

Abraham was promised to be father to a nation that would bless the whole world and, indeed, he was: we find that God used that very people descended from Abraham as the family tree of his Son. Yet, who was Abraham? What was he like? This fall, we will explore more about this man, his life and what those things tell us about faith.

A Rock in a Hard Place: Scriptures that Help Us in Hard Times — Ensemble of Presenters

We all face hard times and it is in those times that we most need the firm foundation of Scripture. Our presenters this autumn will share how particular passages of Scripture helped them through hard times, thinking about how those passages can help all of us be better prepared for the challenges we face.