How to Give

Over the next couple of months, Grace would like to introduce a couple of different ways that you can do online giving—or e-Giving—whether you’re at home or away.

Web BillPay – This is an option that many banks provide, which allows you to make payments online from your bank’s website. You can setup automatic payments if you’d like, or you can make payments on-demand—for example, if you’re away one Sunday. The bank will send a check from your account to Grace.

You’ll want to contact your bank to setup Web BillPay. If you already do online banking, it should be relatively easy. The information you’ll need is:

Biller Name:Grace Presbyterian Church of St. Charles
Biller Phone Number:636-926-2955
Address 1:6308 Highway N
City/State/Zip: Saint Charles, MO 63304-7638

NEW - PayPal – Our newest e-Giving option is PayPal. Whether or not you have a PayPal account, you can follow this link to securely send your tithe or offering. You can also setup recurring and automatic payments, if you choose.

Weekly Collection – Many people appreciate being able to place an envelope into the collection plate during our Sunday morning worship. There can be a beautiful devotional aspect to physically giving to the Lord in this way.

Some Giving Tips and Suggestions

  1. Please consider designating your tithe (first 10% of your gross income) simply to the church’s General Fund, rather than designating it to a specific ministry or purpose (e.g. missions, debt reduction, etc.). This gives the church’s finance team the most flexibility in meeting all of our ministry financial obligations, including missions, pastoral and staff salaries, youth and children’s ministries, our mortgage payments, and so forth.
  2. In addition, giving on a regular basis—for example, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly—also greatly assists the finance team in meeting those obligations.
  3. For any offerings (gifts above and beyond your tithe) please feel free to designate gifts to various ministry areas that you’re passionate about, whether it’s helping to build our children’s and soccer ministries, funding missionaries, reducing our church’s debt, etc.
  4. If you have any questions about the information presented here, please feel free to contact Elder Rob French or Treasurer Denny West.