Spring Sunday School Classes

New Quarter Starts April 12, 2015

As we move forward after reflecting on the joy of the Resurrection at Easter, like the disciples, we have to ask “now what.” In this quarter's Sunday school classes, we have three opportunities to better understand the calling Christ has given to every person. Join us as we seek to understand how to better follow our risen Lord.

Major Messages in the Minor Prophets — Elder Rob French

Rebuke and repentance; restoration, redemption, and return; and the curious comfort of God's vengeance. Join Rob French as we explore these, and other, major Biblical themes through the Minor Prophets.

Classic Bible Stories, Volume 1 — Elder John Hume

How do events that happened thousands of years ago reveal God to us today? In this class we will discuss some of the greatest stories in the Bible, unfolding God's amazing plan and exploring what it means for us in our daily lifes. This is especially geared toward adults who want to learn or relearn classic biblical stories. Additionally, each week we will spend a few minutes defining “church words” that we hear at church but may not fully understand.

Reflecting Jesus: Introduction to Christian Ethics — Sasha Bukovietski

It is sometimes said that figuring out Christian Ethics is easy, just do what the Bible tells us to do, and don’t do what the Bible forbids. But is it really that simple? In this class, we will explore a variety of important, and frequently misunderstood, topics regarding Christians’ interaction with each other and with the world around us: honoring one’s parents, repentance and forgiveness, speaking the truth, and much, much more.