Wednesday Night Faith, Family, Fun and Fellowship Returns with New Time

Grace4all returns starting Wednesday, September 10 with the same mix of faith, family, fun and fellowship that we look forward to each year, but with a new 6:00 p.m. start time. This year, we will be exploring the Gospel of John during our Grace4all worship service. Afterward, at 6:30, we will have classes and activities for all ages, including two brand new adult Grace4all studies; continuing ministries for children and youth; and, the return of the Knitwits knitting group.

Fall Grace4all Studies for Adults

From Beginning to End — Pastor Tim Butler

The Bible gives us the story of God interaction with his creation from beginning to end. But, how do all of the parts fit together? This quarter we will follow the Biblical story through the successive covenants God makes with his people to better understand what God has done, what he continues to do today with us and what he will do in the end.

Being Salt and Light — Larry Hall

(Starting later, on Wednesday September 24.)

As Christians, we should think about how everything we have to do fits into Christ’s call to be “salty” Christians. Even things we do that can seem insignificant at first glance can play an important part in how we reflect God’s image to those around us. This quarter, we will think about different aspects of our everyday routines and how we can be a light to the world through them.